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JOIN US ... If you would like to join the Lawrence SERTOMA Club, participate in our fund raisers or events, and truly make a difference in the lives of people throughout the Lawrence and Douglas County area, we encourage you to contact the Club.

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About Us

SERTOMA: SERvice TO MAnkind. SERTOMA's’s primary service project is assisting the more than 50 million people with hearing health issues. SERTOMA also sponsors community projects to promote freedom and democracy, to assist youth and to benefit a variety of other local community needs, as identified by the individual clubs.

SERTOMA International is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, SERTOMA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit civic organization with community-minded members in our service clubs across North America. Every year SERTOMA clubs raise more than $20 million for local community service projects. Through these projects, as well as grants and scholarships, SERTOMA clubs return those funds to their respective communities - and they have lots of fun doing it while building life-long friendships.

Chartered on September 25, 1929, the Lawrence SERTOMA Club is a community minded civic club located in Lawrence, KS. Our affiliate member is the Schiefelbusch Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic.



2018 SERvice TO MAnkind Award
Melissa Wick

This award recognizes outstanding community service by a non-SERTOMAN. This is SERTOMA’s number one recognition award for a VOLUNTEER who does not hold membership in a SERTOMA Club. Selection for the award by the SERvice TO MAnkind Committee is based on the service provided by the Volunteer to the community. The Lawrence Club has given this award every year since 1963. The recipients are as varied as they are noteworthy in their contributions to our community.

The Service to Mankind Award committee chose two excellent volunteers to receive a Service to Mankind Award.  The first awardee was Melissa Wick, the League of Women Voters Service Chair and Treasurer who received her award December 9th at the League’s Holiday party.  Melissa planned and carried out over 100 voter registration events over the course of the 9 months, and coordinated over 50 volunteers to staff the events.  She also typically was at each one putting up and taking down the “tent”.  Thanks to Melissa, the league assisted in several Naturalization Ceremonies. Melissa helped register 1027 new voters and over 200 new addresses or name changes registrants.  She continues to educate new voters and volunteers.  She also helped forge a new and strong partnership with KU students.  Finally, she kept a strong line of communication with the Douglas County Clerk’s office in order to streamline the process and to keep the league up to date on registration laws and rules.


2018 SERvice TO MAnkind Award
Don Warders

The second Service to Mankind Awardee was Don Warders who volunteers at the Lawrence Meals on Wheels and received his award there on December 17th.   Don is a retired University of Kansas professor and has been delivering meals for over 18 years, typically on Mondays.   He also fills in wherever he is needed in delivering meals on other days.  In addition, he will take people to doctor and hospital appointments and to the airport when the need arises.  Don is very active in his church helping with food drives and other activities.  Don has also served on the Board of Directors for Meals on Wheels and steps up in any way that he can to support Meals on Wheels.  He solicits and picks up items for the annual auction fundraiser, and brings 15-20  guests to the event as well.  He is an exemplary volunteer.



2016 SERTOMAN of the Year
Tom Pollard

SERTOMA stands for SERvice TO MAnkind. As members we give freely to the club. But once a year we recognize the best of us. We award one member with the SERTOMAN of the Year Award. The committee is challenged to find a outstanding member who has gone above and beyond in service to the club and community. The 2016 SERTOMAN of the Year for the Lawrence Club was awarded to Tom Pollard.