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A Sound Mission for Over a Century Service To Mankind.

SERTOMA. A curious word until three very important words come together in unison: SERvice TO MAnkind. It’s more than just how we got our name, it’s been our foundation for over 100 years. SERTOMANs across the country are unified with a single purpose: serve our communities and improve the lives of those who need help. Our mission and our passion is to improve the quality of life for those at risk or impacted by hearing loss through education and support.


21st Annual SERTOMA 48 BarBQ Cook-Off
April 27, 2019 @ 11am
at Broken Arrow Park

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National Heritage Guest Speaker
February 2018

As we have done for the past several years, we invited local veterans to come for a noon meal and to hear a speaker.
This year’s speaker was John Musgrave who served in Delta Company First Battalion Ninth Marines in Vietnam in 1967. He arrived in Vietnam in January 1967; he was wounded in August of ’67, and had a disabling wound on the 7th of November in ’67.

John Solbach introduced him as well as a number of veterans who were in attendance, including Al Niece, who flew up from Texas to attend the event, Dave Schirwian (Tiger Dave) who flew up from Arkansas, both Dave and Al served with John Solbach in Lima Company Third Battalion Third Marines. Although Musgrave was in a separate Battalion, his Company and Battalion and Third Battalion Third Marines fought in some of the same battles, fought some of the same units, and served in some of the same areas at the same time.

Solbach said that when he met Musgrave 33 years ago, and Musgrave informed him that he had been at First Battalion Ninth Marines in 1967, he did not need to say anything else. One/Nine’s reputation and common knowledge of what they did and went through was very well known to Marines in sister units.

There were just a little under 40 people that attended. Musgrave talked about his service and heavy combat in Vietnam and some of the things that happened to him and how he has dealt with that over the years.

Photograph (above) taken by Barbara Wood (who was a high school mate of John Musgraves) of John Solbach, John Musgrave, Al Niece, and Dave Schirwian, all Marines, who all served in Northern Quảng Tri Province in 1967.

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