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A Sound Mission for Over a Century Service To Mankind.

SERTOMA. A curious word until three very important words come together in unison: SERvice TO MAnkind. It’s more than just how we got our name, it’s been our foundation for over 100 years. SERTOMANs across the country are unified with a single purpose: serve our communities and improve the lives of those who need help. Our mission and our passion is to improve the quality of life for those at risk or impacted by hearing loss through education and support.


22nd Annual SERTOMA 48 BarBQ Cook-Off
May 8-9, 2020
at Broken Arrow Park

A message to all the cooks, judges and supporters of the Sertoma 48 BBQ …

It should come as no surprise that the Lawrence Sertoma Club must cancel this year’s BBQ contest on May 8-9. The 40-50 KU speech-language pathology and audiology students who provide invaluable volunteer help during our contest will not be available, and with the increasing seriousness of the Covid-19 outbreak, gatherings have been banned by both state and local authorities. Even in our modest BBQ contest the cooks, judges, volunteers, friends and public involved number in the hundreds. Our overriding concern is the safety of everyone potentially involved.

We are greatly saddened to make this decision. The Sertoma 48 BBQ has been an annual event since 1998, and 100% of the money we raise goes back into the community. The greatest portion is used to support the Sertoma-Schiefelbusch Communication Camp. This event provides an opportunity for children with communication challenges of all types and degrees to attend summer camp. It allows them to expand their horizons socially and intellectually with programs and activities tailored to their needs and abilities. It is absolutely unique and provides these kids with an experience and opportunity for growth otherwise not available. If you wish to know more about Lawrence Sertoma and the camp, please go to and

All our efforts down to the shirts we wear at the contest have carried our motto “Send a Kid to Camp”. The Sertoma 48 BBQ is our sole method of raising the funds to support the camp. These are trying times, and there will be many needs and requests all of us will need to consider. If our contestants and sponsors wish a refund, we fully understand and will certainly do so. However, we would be extremely grateful to any of you who would consider allowing some or all of what you have invested to become a direct donation to the camp. If potential sponsors or any others reading this wish to make a donation, we would thankfully accept your support. As non-profit entities, we can provide verification of your tax-deductible donation. It will help us continue the camp. As always, from the first BBQ in 1998, it’s all about the kids. You can contact us at for information about donations, refunds or more information.

Most of all, be safe. We look forward to seeing you and sharing some great Barbeque when the skies clear.

Thank you on behalf of the Lawrence Sertoma Club and the Sertoma-Schiefelbusch Communication Camp.

2019 SERTOMA 48 BarBQ Results

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